Brave Lamb Studio officially becomes a Playstation 5 developer

Brave Lamb Studio, part of the Movie Games Family, a developer of games in the premium indie segment, will bring the game Field Hospital to the Playstation 5 platform. The Sony Corporation has accepted the game through a submissions process for its next-generation consoles. On this basis, Field Hospital has been accepted among the games that can be developed for the Playstation platform, and Brave Lamb Studio has been granted formal PS5 developer status. Obtaining Sony’s approval is the final step in formally approving the game’s release for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

The company has signed two agreements with Sony: a development agreement that gives the Studio access to the tools and technologies of the latest generation of Playstation consoles, as well as a guarantee of the Field Hospital game’s presence on the official Playstation Store platform.

– ‘The signing of agreements with Sony is an official confirmation of our plans to release Field Hospital on next-generation consoles. A few weeks ago, we signed similar agreements with the Microsoft corporation, which gave us the status of a formal developer for the Xbox platform. This officially seals the plans for the release of Field Hospital game, not only on PC, but also on next-generation Playstation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. Our game will provide players with a range of experiences and sensations very rarely found in popular productions today,’ – comments Michal Dziwniel, lead producer at Brave Lamb Studio.

The Playstation 5 will be the second console on which the Field Hospital game will be released. In January this year Brave Lamb Studio signed similar agreements with Microsoft corporation, making the studio a formal developer of the Xbox Series X|S console.

– ‘The potential of Field Hospital is huge, so we are pleased that PS5 and Xbox Series console owners will be able to feel the atmosphere of a hospital from the Great War. In addition, we are in negotiations with Microsoft and Sony regarding marketing support for the title,’ – adds Michal Dziwniel.

As part of the gameplay, the player will manage a frontline field hospital during World War I. Among other things, the player will be tasked with the responsibility of making difficult moral decisions on which the life and death of individual soldiers will depend, maintaining the defense of the field hospital and building up its structure, while struggling to obtain resources. This will be the first next-gen production in the Studio’s portfolio, which in the future plans to focus on games based on a complex narrative layer in realities not previously exploited in computer games.

According to the development schedule, the game is expected to be released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series consoles in Q4 2022. The developers estimate that the game will reach sales of several hundred thousand units in the first 24 months after its release. In addition to work on the game, the Company is also preparing for the process of listing shares on the WSE.

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