Level Designer

Brave Lamb Studio – an independent developer of premium indie games is currently looking to expand its team of designers:

Level Designer

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Implementation of gameplay mechanics based on the scripts created by the programmers.
  • Level preparation based on materials (models, textures) provided by graphic designers.
  • Working with the particle effects system
  • Cooperation with other designers in the area of narrative and storyline
  • Prototyping new systems and maintaining design documentation
  • Developing gameplay together with the team of designers

Our expectations:

  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in a similar position (ideally you should have one completed project in your portfolio)
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Experience in Unity and/or Unreal environment
  • Ability to read technical documentation
  • Creativity and the agility to get things done
  • Basic knowledge of agile methodologies
  • Open-mindedness and willingness to work

What we offer:

  • The opportunity to work remotely
  • Access to experienced professionals who will help you acquire additional skills and competencies
  • Attractive salary appropriate to your experience and skills
  • Stress-free work environment
  • Lack of multi-month crunches
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