Enemy of the State and War Hospital from Brave Lamb Studio on Gamescom 2022
Brave Lamb Studio – a developer of games in the premium indie segment – is pleased to announce the demonstration of two games that it is producing – Enemy of the State and War Hospital at
War Hospital from Brave Lamb Studio S.A. in the top 500 most wishlisted games on Steam
Brave Lamb Studio, a Movie Games Family company, together with publisher NACON, is pleased to announce that its emerging strategy game War Hospital has moved into the top 500 most-added games wishlist on Steam. In addition,
Brave Lamb Studio's public offering to be launched
Brave Lamb Studio S.A., a Polish developer of premium indie games, part of the Movie Games family, is launching a public stock offering. Subscriptions for shares under the second tranche of the offering, presented on,
Nacon becomes global publisher of War Hospital from Brave Lamb Studio
Brave Lamb studio, a company in the Movie Games family, listed on NewConnect , has signed a publishing agreement with Nacon, a French game developer and publisher known among other titles for its WRC series. As
Meet the Lambs - Marcin Rzepisko
Another Meet the Lambs interview has just landed on our website. This time we interviewed one of our programmers – Marcin Rzepisko. The popular “Rzepa” will talk about how to combine sleep with programmer’s work and
Meet the Lambs - Szymon Wawruch
In today’s interview, we introduce a person already known to some of those who observe the work of Brave Lamb Studio. Lead Game designer – Szymon Wawruch gave an extensive interview about the challenges of producing
Meet the Lambs – Aleksandra Madej
In today’s episode of Meet the Lambs, we invite you to check out a short interview with Ola Madej – Narrative Designer working on the War Hospital project. In today’s interview, we’ll talk about the challenges
Meet the Lambs - Łukasz Sprada
In today’s follow-up interview from the Meet the Lambs series, we introduce Łukasz Sprada – Senior Level Designer, who came to Brave Lamb Studio directly from CD Projekt Red, where he worked on the Cyberpunk 2077
Meet the Lambs - Grzegorz Skwierczyński
With today’s article, we begin a series of “Meet the Lambs” interviews, where we will introduce all current employees and contributors to Brave Lamb Studio. In the first material we talked to Grzegorz Skwierczynski – our
War Hospital by Brave Lamb Studio enters Steam's Global Top Wishlist
War Hospital, a game by Brave Lamb Studio that lets you take on the role of a field doctor during World War I, has entered the Steam platform’s Global Top Wishlist. The entry into the list
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