Meet the Lambs – Łukasz Sprada

In today’s follow-up interview from the Meet the Lambs series, we introduce Łukasz Sprada – Senior Level Designer, who came to Brave Lamb Studio directly from CD Projekt Red, where he worked on the Cyberpunk 2077 project. We warmly invite you to read the interview.

Łukasz, what do you do in Brave Lamb Studio?


Łukasz Sprada: I am in charge of level design/art and lighting in the game. This means that my responsibility is to fill the game world with the materials provided by the graphic designers and to make sure that it is properly and effectively luminated, depending on the time of day.


Tell us about your experience as a level designer


Łukasz Sprada: I started in 2016 making a car combat game with friends. Over time, I had the pleasure to help with the production of several other games including Steel Rats and Cyberpunk 2077.


Why did you decide to work for our studio ?


Łukasz Sprada: I decided to cooperate because of the opportunity to work on such a unique and interesting project. In addition, a strong and competent team was also the basis for deciding to work for Brave Lamb Studio.


Tell us about a typical working day at the company? In what manner do you work?


Łukasz Sprada: Every two weeks we update the list of tasks for the next sprint (due to the fact that we work in the Scrum system) and the order of execution of individual tasks is arbitrary. Thanks to such organization, the work goes very smoothly. Due to the fact that I am the link between the graphics department and the design department, every working day is different for me.

In your opinion, what is the biggest advantage and what is the biggest disadvantage of working as a level designer on a project like War Hospital?


Łukasz Sprada: The opportunity to support other departments and build the level of the game is a great thing. It’s difficult to say that such work has disadvantages, it’s better to consider it in the category of a challenge, which certainly gives me more influence on the final shape of the War Hospital game.


Czy zagrasz w War Hospital po premierze?

Definitely 🙂


Łukasz, Lukasz, we sincerely thank you for the time found to answer our questions..

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