About Brave Lamb Studio

Brave Lamb Studio is a company producing premium indie computer games. Our strategic goal is to create games focused on a deep narrative backed by a necessity of making morally difficult choices by the players. Production independence, combined with a focus on high quality makes us a unique venture on the Polish game dev market.

Brave Lamb Studio is composed of specialists with many years of experience in the industry, who have worked for companies such as Techland, Flying Wild Hog and CI Games. The extensive experience of key people in the company is transformed into a limitation of potential risks during production process, as well as the ability to produce high-quality projects dedicated for gamers.

Our latest project, War Hospital, is a unique combination of games in the genre of real-time strategy, economic survival and RPG elements, which involves making morally difficult choices. The gameplay involves managing a field hospital and treating and convalescing wounded soldiers during the course of the World War I.

Meet the Brave Lamb Studio Team

Meet the Lambs - Sebastian Gajdziński
In today’s next interview in the Meet the Lambs series, we introduce Sebastian Gajdzinski – Lead Level Designer, who came to Brave Lamb Studio from MS Games.
Meet the Lambs - Marcin Rzepisko
Another Meet the Lambs interview has just landed on our website. This time we interviewed one of our programmers – Marcin Rzepisko. The popular “Rzepa” will talk about how to combine sleep with programmer’s work and whether it is possible to do it in one room, considering remote work ???? We encourage you to read!
Meet the Lambs - Szymon Wawruch
In today’s interview, we introduce a person already known to some of those who observe the work of Brave Lamb Studio. Lead Game designer – Szymon Wawruch gave an extensive interview about the challenges of producing War Hospital and working at Brave Lamb Studio. We invite you to read it!
Meet the Lambs – Aleksandra Madej
In today’s episode of Meet the Lambs, we invite you to check out a short interview with Ola Madej – Narrative Designer working on the War Hospital project. In today’s interview, we’ll talk about the challenges faced by the designer, as well as what a day at Brave Lamb Studio is like.
Meet the Lambs - Łukasz Sprada
In today’s follow-up interview from the Meet the Lambs series, we introduce Łukasz Sprada – Senior Level Designer, who came to Brave Lamb Studio directly from CD Projekt Red, where he worked on the Cyberpunk 2077 project. We warmly invite you to read the interview.
Meet the Lambs - Grzegorz Skwierczyński
With today’s article, we begin a series of “Meet the Lambs” interviews, where we will introduce all current employees and contributors to Brave Lamb Studio. In the first material we talked to Grzegorz Skwierczynski – our Lead Programmer working on War Hospital. We encourage you to read more about him!

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