Meet the Lambs – Grzegorz Skwierczyński

With today’s article, we begin a series of “Meet the Lambs” interviews, where we will introduce all current employees and contributors to Brave Lamb Studio. In the first material we talked to Grzegorz Skwierczynski – our Lead Programmer working on War Hospital. We encourage you to read more about him!

Grzegorz, what do you work with at Brave Lamb Studio?


Grzegorz Skwierczyński: I am the lead of the programming team, so my job is to know the game code at 100%. I assign tasks regarding the creation of scripts that describe the game, and I also partially perform them myself. An important part of my job is to predict what problems (on the code side) all new game features may bring.


Tell us more about your experience as a game programmer


Grzegorz Skwierczyński: I started as a hobbyist by modding Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3, then I went through employment at companies making more casual games. Along the way, I also worked as a lead (team leader) in another project – Pure Farming 2018.


Why did you decide to work for our Studio ?


Grzegorz Skwierczyński: : I like to expand my portfolio, and since I hadn’t yet dealt with a project of exactly this type (mainly because of its uniqueness) it seemed interesting for me.


Tell us about a typical working day at the company? How do you work?


Grzegorz Skwierczyński: Everyone has a list of tasks to be done over the course of a two-week sprint – tasks are valued (in terms of time consumption) by employees individually. Every morning, I either choose a new task from the list that I currently want to tackle or continue with the one I did the day before (if it’s something more major). We work for a couple of hours, then have a morning stand up – a meeting of the whole team to update each other on who is doing what and if they encountered any difficulties, afterwards we continue working on our tasks. Each day in addition to the stand up, I communicate with members of the design and level design departments and since I manage the code in the project, I also maintain a lot of interactions with all the other departments, which diversifies the work days significantly, so it’s difficult to fully describe a “typical” work day that describes the whole thing properly.


What do you think is the biggest advantage and disadvantage of working as a programmer in a project like War Hospital?


Grzegorz Skwierczyński: We have a lot of openness at work, which I think is an advantage. On my part (as the department’s lead) I also have 100% input into the design of the code and since I focus a lot of attention on its clarity, I can take care of solving potential future problems in advance. The biggest disadvantage is working on animations and UI but that’s only because I personally don’t like them.


Will you play War Hospital after the release?


Grzegorz Skwierczyński: I’d love to go through the whole thing to enjoy the fully completed work of more than two years despite the fact that it is not the genre of first choice for me.

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