Enemy of the State and War Hospital from Brave Lamb Studio on Gamescom 2022
War Hospital from Brave Lamb Studio S.A. in the top 500 most wishlisted games on Steam
Game Designer
Meet the Lambs - Sebastian Gajdziński
In today’s next interview in the Meet the Lambs series, we introduce Sebastian Gajdzinski – Lead Level Designer, who came to Brave Lamb Studio from MS Games.
Meet the Lambs - Marcin Rzepisko
Another Meet the Lambs interview has just landed on our website. This time we interviewed one of our programmers – Marcin Rzepisko. The popular “Rzepa” will talk about how to...
Meet the Lambs - Szymon Wawruch
In today’s interview, we introduce a person already known to some of those who observe the work of Brave Lamb Studio. Lead Game designer – Szymon Wawruch gave an extensive...

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