Meet the Lambs – Marcin Rzepisko

Another Meet the Lambs interview has just landed on our website. This time we interviewed one of our programmers – Marcin Rzepisko. The popular “Rzepa” will talk about how to combine sleep with programmer’s work and whether it is possible to do it in one room, considering remote work ???? We encourage you to read!

Marcin, what do you do at Brave Lamb Studio?


Marcin Rzepisko: I joined Brave Lamb Studio as a programmer. I mainly deal with interface programming – I put together the elements designed by the graphic designers into an interactive whole. I make sure that all the information and indicators are properly displayed and that the active buttons have the right functionalities plugged in. Due to the small team, I also often help with the creation of gameplay mechanics and development of systems missing in the engine.


Tell us about your experience as a Programmer.

Marcin Rzepisko: I have always wanted to be involved in game development, but I started my programming career in the IT industry. Although I spent a few years in it, it was not a lost time, I understood that writing code is not only the implementation of algorithms and eternal optimization, but also a complex network of dependencies or infrastructure, which must be controlled at each stage of the project. I started my adventure in the game industry in a studio where we released several small mobile titles. Then, together with friends in a small team, we developed a car combat game. This was probably the biggest professional challenge to this day, mainly due to being the only programmer – a large scope of responsibilities, a huge workload and the level of complexity of the project. I spent the last two years abroad, where as a programmer in the medical procedures and R&D team I participated in the development of VR simulators for the training of surgeons.


Why did you decide to work for the Studio?

Marcin Rzepisko: In part, a uniqueness of the War Hospital and its interesting concept, but ultimately the experience of the team prevailed. I already had the pleasure of working with some of the people, others I know well. I am confident that we will release a high-quality game.


Tell us about a sample day at the company? How do you work?

Marcin Rzepisko: Depending on the task at hand, the working day can vary. I manage to get the most focus in the morning, for this reason I start the day with the most complicated things that require a lot of concentration. After a short pre-morning standup, I try to return to my usual pace, but this often fails due to various meetings. When working on a part of the UI or mechanics, a short consultation with the design department is needed from time to time, in order to dispel doubts, or to make sure that both sides understood everything the same way. If the current task involves technical aspects, I often take time in the afternoon to do additional research on the topic, look for references or even study a few scientific papers to be able to complete the task in the best possible way.


What do you think is the biggest advantage and the biggest disadvantage of working as a Programmer on a project like War Hospital?

Marcin Rzepisko: The biggest advantage is working with talented people from whom you can learn a lot. At the same time it is a challenge, because with such a small team I have a visible influence on the final result, so I have to give as much as I can. The biggest disadvantage is definitely the remote work. I guess I’m one of the few people these days who complain about not having an office, because being at home all the time I lack a clear separation between work and private life.


Will you play War Hospital after the release?

I’ll get some sleep first, and then I’ll play ????

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