Enemy of the State and War Hospital from Brave Lamb Studio on Gamescom 2022

Brave Lamb Studio – a developer of games in the premium indie segment – is pleased to announce the demonstration of two games that it is producing – Enemy of the State and War Hospital at Europe’s largest game fair, Gamescom 2022.

At the exhibition center in Cologne, during Gamescom, attendees will be able to watch a press screening of the game War Hospital, which will be held at the business booth of publisher Nacon, as well as to watch a trailer and talk to the developers of Enemy of the State at the Polish national booth.

The presence of Enemy of the State a few weeks before the completion of the Vertical Slice of this production, is an ideal opportunity for the Company to hold the first talks with potential publishers of the title, comments Michal Dziwniel – board member of Brave Lamb Studio S.A.. The day before the start of the expo we will meet with 11 publishing partners interested in the game and familiar with its themes and introductory materials so we are hoping for positive and successful meetings, he adds.

Enemy of the State is a top-down single-player and cooperative mode shooter. Set in a noir stylized 1920s world, it lets you climb the ladder of criminal fame.

This is the time of Prohibition. The golden age of gangsters. You are a low-level criminal with your chosen ethnicity, aspiring to become a real mob boss. Assemble your gang and do various jobs around the world. From robberies, to taking over locations, to kidnappings and assassinations. Your goal? The same as always. Money, power and respect.


On the occasion of Gamescom, the company released footage of a motion capture animation session, which is available at the link below:

War Hospital is a society survival game in which the player takes on the role of the commander of a British field hospital during World War I. The player is tasked with rescuing soldiers fighting on the front lines in France, expanding the hospital, and developing new medical technologies. On the occasion of the recent Nacon Connect, a longer gameplay snippet was made available at the link below:


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