War Hospital from Brave Lamb Studio S.A. in the top 500 most wishlisted games on Steam

Brave Lamb Studio, a Movie Games Family company, together with publisher NACON, is pleased to announce that its emerging strategy game War Hospital has moved into the top 500 most-added games wishlist on Steam. In addition, a new animated trailer for the title, focusing on the morally ambiguous choices players will face, premiered today.

War Hospital is a society survival game in which the player takes on the role of the officer in charge of a British field hospital during World War I. The player’s task is to rescue soldiers fighting on the front line in France, expand the hospital, and develop new medical technologies. A new trailer for the production is available here:



We are extremely pleased to see such a strong wishlist for the game, as it demonstrates the strength of the concept. Major marketing efforts are yet to come, and interest to date has been generated mostly organically. Today’s release of the new trailer is the first stage of increased communication, which will escalate as the release date approaches,” says Michal Dziwniel, Brave Lamb Studio board member and lead producer of War Hospital.


War Hospital is one of the few games officially supported by the British Imperial War Museums. The organization’s expertise allows developers to realistically replicate historical conditions.

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