Meet the Lambs – Aleksandra Madej

In today’s episode of Meet the Lambs, we invite you to check out a short interview with Ola Madej – Narrative Designer working on the War Hospital project. In today’s interview, we’ll talk about the challenges faced by the designer, as well as what a day at Brave Lamb Studio is like.

Ola, what do you do at Brave Lamb Studio?


Aleksandra Madej: : I am a narrative designer and a game designer. As a narrative designer, I’m responsible for the overall narrative in the War Hospital project: I design the narrative systems, oversee the game’s dialogues and texts, and make sure that the narrative is consistent with the gameplay. As a game designer, I handle the design of systems, UI and gameplay

Tell us about your experience as a game designer.


Aleksandra Madej: : I started my work in the industry by designing mobile games at T-Bull: Best Sniper Legacy and strategy-MMO. Then, also at T-Bull, I worked as a narrative designer for PC projects Birding Simulator and Space Simulator. I also joined the academic staff of the Lower Silesian University, where I taught logic and game mechanics.

Why did you decide to work at the Studio ?


Aleksandra Madej:

I believed in the project. It is a very interesting challenge for a designer and has a unique message – it talks about the huge price of war, the value of human life and asks questions about what is most important to us.


Tell us about a sample day at the company? How do you work?


Aleksandra Madej: We work remotely, which is perfect for me, especially since I live in another city. Every day we have meetings, share knowledge, insights and solve problems. The work is very dynamic and creative, and thanks to frequent contacts I feel the support and involvement of the whole team.


What do you think is the biggest advantage and the biggest disadvantage of working as a designer on a project like War Hospital?


Aleksandra Madej: The biggest advantage, but also quite a challenge is working on such a unique project. We don’t have many templates so we have to create most of the solutions from scratch. Some of our ideas regularly go to the trash and others have to be thoroughly tested for playability. But thanks to this, I have the feeling that we are creating something outstanding.


Will you play War Hospital after the release?


Aleksandra Madej: Yes. I can’t wait already. 🙂

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