Brave Lamb Studio’s public offering to be launched

Brave Lamb Studio S.A., a Polish developer of premium indie games, part of the Movie Games family, is launching a public stock offering. Subscriptions for shares under the second tranche of the offering, presented on, will begin on November 11 this year. The Company intends to raise 3 million PLN from the stock issue. The Company plans to apply for a listing of the shares on the NewConnect market in Q1-Q2 next year.


The studio’s most anticipated title is War Hospital. It is a real-time strategy with RPG elements set in the realities of World War I, where the player takes on the role of Major Henry Wells, a British field medical officer who becomes the commander of a field hospital located in France, near the front lines. His job is to build the structures of the facility, sustain its defense and manage a medical team, which later on will lead to a series of challenging moral choices on which life and death of individual soldiers may depend.


– Our team is working on two productions – War Hospital and Enemy of the State – with international reach and global sales potential. Our idea and work to date on War Hospital has been recognized by Nacon, which has become the game’s publisher. Importantly, thanks to the advance paid under this publishing agreement towards future revenues from the sale of the game, we have secured financing for the title, while being assured of a share of the profits from the first copy sold. We believe that investors will also appreciate the potential of both of our games and, thanks to the success of the pre-IPO, we will take an important step towards the Warsaw Stock Exchange. – says Michal Dziwniel, Board Member and Chief Producer of Brave Lamb Studio.


The company plans to use the funds in the amount of PLN 1.5 million to PLN 3 million raised from the share issue for initial work on the production of the studio’s second game, Enemy of the State. It will be a team-based isometric shooter set in the world of the interwar period, not only in the reality of the United States. The player will have the option to play on the side of gangsters or policemen, and (a hallmark of Brave Lamb Studio’s games) make morally difficult choices during gameplay. Currently, conceptual work has been completed. The game is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2024.


– The date of the launch of the second tranche of the offer is not coincidental – as November 11 is a day that is not only special for Poles, but also for the British and French, who celebrate Memorial Day on that day in honor of fallen soldiers – in this way we want to emphasize the unique nature of our War Hospital game, which involves operating a hospital on the front lines of the First World War. The production has received recognition from the Imperial War Museums in London, among others, as well as permission from the Red Cross to use the organization’s mark in the game. Both of these developments are unprecedented. –Michal Dziwniel adds.


The company is supported in the production of War Hospital by experts from the British Imperial War Museums. It will also be the first production to be officially licensed by this museum. The game will be released on PC and next-generation platforms. Brave Lamb Studio has signed a publishing agreement with French company Nacon, which will be the global publisher of War Hospital.


I firmly believe in the commercial and artistic success of our future productions. In the case of War Hospital, this belief has been reinforced with operational and financial support from Nacon. I sincerely hope that through the final product our passion for game development will be evident and provide players with memorable experiences and engaging stories. – Michal Dziwniel adds.


Link to the page dedicated to the planned issue:

Pre-IPO schedule:

27.10.2021 – launch of the public offering, publication of the Offering Document

04.11.2021 – start of subscriptions for shares under the 1st tranche

11.11.2021 – commencement of subscription for shares within the 2nd tranche, presented on

18.11.2021 – end of subscription for shares in the 2nd tranche




About Brave Lamb Studio:


Brave Lamb Studio is a Polish developer of premium indie games that is part of the Movie Games group. The studio’s goal is to deliver titles based on a strong storyline filled with tough moral choices. Brave Lamb Studio’s strength is undoubtedly its group of developers with extensive experience in the industry, in companies like CI Games or Techland. The studio’s most anticipated title is “War Hospital,” a strategy game set in World War I realities with survival elements, in which the player will step into the shoes of a British field medic. The game will be released for PC and next-generation consoles. The Polish studio has also been granted formal developer status for both Microsoft and Sony consoles.

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