Nacon becomes global publisher of War Hospital from Brave Lamb Studio

Brave Lamb studio, a company in the Movie Games family, listed on NewConnect , has signed a publishing agreement with Nacon, a French game developer and publisher known among other titles for its WRC series. As part of the partnership, Nacon will become the global publisher of War Hospital, the studio’s flagship title. In addition, Brave Lamb Studio will receive an advance from the French publisher towards royalties generated through game sales, enabling the production budget of the title to be finalized.

Nacon is a French corporation widely engaged in the gaming market. It is a producer and publisher of video games, but also manufacturer of controllers and gaming accessories. Some of the most popular titles produced or published by the French giant include the WRC series, Warhammer series games, and Warewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood.

– ‘We are very pleased to announce our cooperation with such a large and world-renowned publisher as Nacon. Games published by the French company are very popular among gamers, as evidenced by their multi-million sales. We are confident that the marketing support of such a large and recognizable player will allow War Hospital to achieve above-average commercial success. Nacon has also decided to pay us an advance of almost 700 thousand euro which will allow us to finalize the work on the game, as well as accelerate the work on the pre-production of the second title – the game Enemy of the State.’ –said Michal Dziwniel, Board Member and Chief Producer of Brave Lamb Studio.

War Hospital is a society survival game set in 1917, where the player takes on the role of Major Henry Wells, a British field medic who becomes the commander of a field hospital located in France, near the front lines. His job is to manage a medical team, taking care of the wounded and developing medical technology in the face of limited resources and a deepening conflict. A unique aspect of the game is the triage – the segregation of the wounded based on the patient’s prognosis and personal history, highlighting the difficult choices frontline medics had to make. The company recently completed the Vertical Slice phase and has started the Alpha version of the game, which will include all the mechanics and materials needed to complete it.

Link to War Hospital’s website on Steam:

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