War Hospital by Brave Lamb Studio enters Steam’s Global Top Wishlist

War Hospital, a game by Brave Lamb Studio that lets you take on the role of a field doctor during World War I, has entered the Steam platform’s Global Top Wishlist. The entry into the list came 2 weeks after the publication of the announcement and the game’s official profile on the platform, which management believes is a very good result. The game should be released for PC platforms and next-generation consoles in Q2 2022.

– ‘The launch of the game’s campaign on the occasion of the Future Game Show conference has brought very positive results. One of them is the appearance of the production on the Global Top Wishlist, and the list of Steam platform users waiting for our production is growing all the time. However, this is one of many indications of War Hospital’s great potential for global success. The official Playstation and Xbox channels on Youtube have released a trailer for the game, which also increases the reach to users. We are very pleased with the reception of the announcement so far, which motivates us to continue working hard,’ – comments Michal Dziwniel, lead producer and Board Member of Brave Lamb Studio (the company is in the process of changing its name from Tovildo Investments S.A.).

As part of the War Hospital gameplay, the player will manage a frontline field hospital during World War I. Among other things, the player will be tasked with the responsibility of making difficult moral decisions on which the life and death of individual soldiers will depend, maintaining the defense of the field hospital and building up its structure, while struggling to obtain resources. The global publisher of the game is Movie Games.

– ‘The growing popularity of the title is also a result of the unusual theme and gameplay that War Hospital will offer players. World War I is a conflict very rarely exploited in the gaming industry, and the field hospital theme even more rarely. Our production hits a niche virtually untapped by game development studios around the world. We want to unlock this potential quickly and efficiently, which is why we intend to launch the game in Q2 2022. All work is proceeding according to plan’, – informs Michal Dziwniel.

Brave Lamb Studio developers will complete the preparation of Vertical Slice, a closed gameplay prototype, in May. The game at this point is playable at the level of previously prepared features, and work is currently underway to finalize the so-called Core Loop (gameplay axis) in the game. This will cause the game to go to the first tests with the Movie Games test team in the coming weeks, and play tests will be conducted on a focus group (representatives of the target group, which the studio has identified as crucial in building sales of the target title). Their feedback will be extremely valuable for further development of the production.

Brave Lamb Studio is a team of 19 top gamedev professionals, previously working for companies such as Techland, CD Projekt Red and People Can Fly, among others. The main producer of the game is Michal Dziwniel, working in the industry since 2010. Members of the studio had the opportunity to co-create such games as Dying Light 2, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Outriders, and Pure Farming 2018.

The company plans to debut on the NewConnect market by the end of 2021. The listing of Brave Lamb Studio’s shares will be mediated by INC S.A., with which the Company signed an agreement in May. A funding round will also take place over the next few weeks through the CrowdConnect.pl platform owned by INC Brokerage.

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