Production of Field Hospital game has begun

Brave Lamb Studio – announces the start of production of Field Hospital game

Brave Lamb Studio – an independent developer of narrative premium indie segment games – announces the start of work on Field Hospital – a combination of real-time strategy, economic tycoon and survival game with elements of morally difficult decisions about human life.

Field Hospital addresses the rarely touched upon topic of World War I in games.

World War I in the electronic gaming segment is not a very often discussed thematic thread. And this one of the greatest tragedies in the history of mankind is an extraordinary inspiration to tell its own story about ordinary people who were put in the position of having to fight for their own survival in an extremely brutal armed conflict. Brave Lamb Studio wants to focus on the story of the least appreciated people in this conflict – the rear services – the doctors, medics and paramedics.

These individuals often had to make choices that were decisive for human life. Under primitive medical conditions in field hospitals, they had to perform miracles to restore wounded soldiers to full capacity or bring them to a condition that enabled them to travel home. The story of the difficult choices between life and death or rescue and doom is the axis of Field Hospital’s narrative.

Field Hospital – project details

An experienced team of specialists is working on Field Hospital, having worked for such companies as Techland, Flying Wild Hog, CI Games and Fuero Games. This group, strengthened by specialists from smaller studios, allows us to think of Field Hospital as a high-quality project, which is not just a solid portion of electronic entertainment, but above all a great reflection on the meaning of human life in the eyes of a great cataclysm – a topic close also due to the current situation in the world. Brave Lamb Studio does not yet announce the release date of the production – it will be presented at an appropriate time for the project.

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