Brave Lamb Studio begins cooperation with INC Group, with plans for CrowdConnect and NewConnect debut

Brave Lamb Studio, part of the Movie Games family, a developer of games in the premium indie segment, has signed agreements with INC Capital Group companies that will support the studio in raising financing and debuting on the NewConnect market. A public offering of the company’s shares conducted in the form of crowdinvesting on the platform will be launched in the near future. In turn, a stock market debut is planned for the second half of 2021.

Brave Lamb Studio is a team consisting of 17 top gamedev professionals, previously working for companies such as Techland, CD Projekt Red and People Can Fly, among others. The main producer of the game is Michal Dziwniel, working in the industry since 2010. Members of the studio have had the opportunity to co-create such games as Dying Light 2, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Outriders, and Pure Farming 2018. Currently, the developers are working on their latest production – Field Hospital (draft title).

– ‘Field Hospital will be a unique project touching on the theme of “moral responsibility” for decisions affecting entire societies. The action will take place during World War I, which is a very difficult period in our history, at the same time scarcely utilized by game producers. It will be an ambitious title, through which we want to show players the hell of war from the perspective of a field hospital,’ – comments Michal Dziwniel, chief producer and Board Member of Brave Lamb Studio (the company is in the process of changing its name from Tovildo Investments S.A.).


Field Hospital – status of development


As part of the gameplay, the player will manage a frontline field hospital during World War I. Among other things, the player will be tasked with the responsibility of making difficult moral decisions on which the life and death of individual soldiers will depend, maintaining the defense of the field hospital and building up its structure, while struggling to obtain resources.

– ‘We are very pleased with the work completed so far. We are currently at the stage of preparing Vertical Slice, a closed gameplay prototype, which we intend to finish later in March. We are also getting ready to present the game at the Future Game Show, the biggest gaming event this quarter organized by the Games Radar portal. At that time, we will release the latest trailer for the game, as well as launch a Steam card dedicated to Field Hospital (draft title) with in-game screenshots in accordance with the latest requirements of the Steam platform,’ – informs Michal Dziwniel. – ‘After the completion of the public offering, we intend to debut on the NewConnect market, and immediately after we will begin activities aimed at listing shares on the WSE’s Main Market as soon as possible’ – he adds.

Shares of Brave Lamb Studio, operating formally as Tovildo Investments S.A., will be publicly offered on the platform operated by Brokerage INC. The funds raised from the issue will be used for further work on War Hospital and will provide the Company with funding to complete production and cover marketing costs related to promotion and community growth.

– Field Hospital is a very interesting project with a very high potential for global success both because of the game genre and, above all, because of the team, whose experience is a unique value in today’s gaming market. We are very pleased that as INC Group we will be able to support Brave Lamb Studio in obtaining financing for its realization as well as the Company’s listing on the NewConnect market. – comments Wojciech Iwaniuk, INC S.A. board member.

After the public offering in the form of crowd investing, the company will begin the process of listing the shares on the NewConnect market. INC S.A. will support the Company in its smooth implementation.


For additional information, please contact:

Krzysztof Mazur
InnerValue Investor Relations
+48 530 637 972
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