Brave Lamb Studio S.A. and Movie Games announce War Hospital – a society survival during World War I

War Hosptial (previously known under the draft title Field Hospital) was announced during the Future Games Show – an event organized by the prestigious portal. Following the release of the game’s trailer during the ongoing event, the title’s Steam card was published, allowing players to start signing up for the so-called wishlist.

The beginning of the global campaign for War Hospital

The official announcement of the title was supported by Sony and Microsoft, which published a trailer for the game on their official social media channels (Youtube and Twitter), which has been receiving a very warm reception from players. The trailer on the Playstation channel has been viewed more than 51,000 times as of the date of this article.

With the release of the trailer, Brave Lamb Studio has launched the game’s official website, which can be accessed here. This is the beginning of marketing activities in promoting the title, the center of which is the game’s official website on Steam:


About War Hospital


When the bullet hits the target, another fight starts.


A fight for life.

A fight for the soul.

The year is 1917, you are Henry Wells, a retired British combat medic, drafted back and thrown into the nightmare of WWI. Understaffed and undersupplied, you are the last bastion of hope for countless soldiers at the French Front.

Treat horrible war injuries as the commander of a field hospital. Build a facility to heal them while the artillery shells explode ear-spittingly close. Use real WW1 equipment and see how your tools and methods evolve. Your choices will make a lasting impact.

Build a micro-community of rescuers and survivors. Kindle hope in your staff and soldiers. Bring a speck of normalcy by inspiring periods of ceasefire. Play a war-themed game that celebrates life, not death.

“In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity”

— Albert Einstein

  • A war-themed game focused on saving lives, not taking them
  • Society survival that challenges tactics as well as morals
  • Faithfully recreated setting of the French front during World War I
  • Realistically depicted conditions of a British field hospital
  • Develop and put to use innovative WW1 medical technology
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