Enemy of the State to be officially announced at Future Games Show on June 11th

Brave Lamb Studio – an independent developer of the premium indie segment – announces the official demonstration of the Enemy of the State gameplay trailer at the Future Games Show event, organized by the Games Radar service. In addition to the story trailer, a short gameplay fragment will be presented, and a chart will be launched on Steam.

The Future Games Show is one of the largest online gaming events. The reach of this event is more than 4 million viewers worldwide. Brave Lamb Studio has already participated in last year’s edition presenting both a trailer and a short gameplay recording during the two editions of FGS.

This year is passing for us with the running of two projects. War Hospital is currently at the stage of preparing a Beta Candidate and we can soon expect communication activities from the publisher – Nacon. In the case of Enemy of the State – the seed team is currently working on a prototype of the game – the so-called Vertical Slice, which we expect to complete as early as September says Michal Dziwniel – Head of Studio of the Company.

Enemy of the State is a top-down single player and cooperative mode shooter. Set in the noir stylized world of the 1920s, it lets you climb the ladder of criminal fame.

It’s the time of Prohibition. The golden age of gangsters. You are a low-level criminal with your chosen ethnicity, aspiring to become a real mob boss. Assemble your gang and do various jobs around the world. From robberies, to taking over locations, to kidnappings and assassinations. Your goal? The same as always. Money, power and respect.

Enemy of the State is expected to be released on all hardware platforms in mid-2024.

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